Friday, January 23, 2009

Flagstar Bank's 4.01% Best CD Rate

Flagstar Bank, headquartered in Troy, Michigan is offering a 1-year CD with a 3.25% APY (annual percentage yield). They call it their "12-14 Month Internet Promotional CD." Their best paying CD is a for four years (48 months) with an APY of 4.01%.

Current CD rates and terms at Flagstar Bank

==> " CD Rates at Flagstar Bank " as of 1/23/09 <==
CD Term                  APY

180 Day Online CD 2.86%
6 Month Internet Promo 2.86%
12 Month Online CD 2.75%
12-14 Month Promo CD 3.25%
18 Month Online CD 2.45%
24 Month Online CD 2.66%
30 Month Online CD 2.45%
36 Month Online CD 2.66%
48 Month Online CD 4.01%
60 Month Online CD 3.76%
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Flagstar Bank
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