Friday, January 2, 2009

Bonus Bucks Trivia Answers - CNBC's Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge

CNBC's Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge is back. Trading started November 17th, 2008. Hours: Monday 6:00 a.m. to Friday 4:00 p.m. During the week, you can post your answers even after the market closes.

Daily Answers for

Squawk Box question: In our "Famous Last Words" slideshow, what is Chris Dodd referring to?
  • Answer: Fannie Mae

Squawk On The Street Question:
On New Years Eve, Brent Wilsey told CNBC that which stock is in the "30% Club"?
  • Answer: Cisco Systems

The Call Question: In our Web video collection, "Top Videos of 2008", which news story is not represented?
  • Answer: Sarah Palin in the VP debate
Power Lunch Question: What investment does Nadav Baum consider in Part 2 of "Predictions '09" (Why You Shouldn't Run From Stocks)?

  • Power Lunch Answer: Energy Select Sector SPDR

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Street Signs Question:
What is Ukraine's state-owned gas company named?
  • Street Signs Answer: Naftogaz
Happy New Year Everyone!
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Closing Bell Question: Why did Jon Najarian say NetApps was the focus of "intense options action" on Wednesday?
  • Closing Bell Answer : buyout scuttlebutt

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