Friday, April 17, 2009

Current Treasury Rates and Yield Curve

Below are the current US Treasury rates and a graph of the yield curve courtesy of

U.S. Treasury rates as of 4/17/09. For a graphical view, see US Treasury Rates at a Glance

3-Month07/16/20090.13 / .13
6-Month10/15/20090.34 / .34
12-Month04/08/20100.54 / .54
2-Year03/31/201199-26+ / .96
3-Year04/15/2012100-02+ / 1.35
5-Year03/31/201499-10+ / 1.89
10-Year02/15/201998-11 / 2.95
30-Year02/15/203994-22+ / 3.80

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Top Ten TARP Recipients

The Troubled Asset Relief Program , TARP, is a US government program to purchase assets and equity from financial institutions in order to strengthen the financial sector.

CNBC posted this table today showing the top ten TARP recipients.
  1. AIG $70B
  2. Citigroup $45B
  3. BofA (+Merrill Lynch) $45B
  4. JP Morgan Chase (+WaMu) $25B
  5. Wells Fargo (+Wachovia)
  6. GM (General Motors) $14.2B
  7. Morgan Stanley $10B
  8. Goldman Sachs $10B
  9. PNC Financial $7.6B
  10. U.S. Bancorp $6.6B
Source: CNBC and Propublica

Monday, April 13, 2009

Best 2-Year CD Rates; Top Five

These are the top two-year CD rates available in the US for banks with FDIC insurance according to the latest search.

Institution Rate
Min Deposit
Midvale, UT
2.86 2.90 $500
Irvine, CA
2.76 2.80 $8,000
Birmingham, AL
2.71 2.75 $1,000
Discover Bank
New Castle, DE
2.72 2.75 $2,500
Intervest National Bank
New York, NY
2.71 2.75 $2,500

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Today's US Treasury Rates Bonds, Bills and Notes

Today's rates for US Treasury Bonds, Bills and Notes are:

From Current US Treasury Rates at a Glance

U.S. Treasuries
3-Month0.00007/09/2009 .17
6-Month0.00010/08/2009 .37
2-Year0.87503/31/20111 .87
3-Year1.37504/15/2012 1.27
5-Year1.75003/31/2014 1.79
30-Year3.50002/15/2039 3.70

Data current as of 4/13/09

US Treasuries are backed by the full faith of the US Government and its ability to tax.

More at Current US Treasury Rates at a Glance

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Citibank 2.50% CD

Citibank is offering a 2.50% APY FDIC insured CD with an 8 month term.

  • $1,000 minimum
  • Must have a Citibank checking account
You can also get a 1-yr CD with only $500 and no checking account with a 1-year term according to the web site as of 4/1/09.

For more rates and terms for Citibank certificates of deposit plus contact information, see Citibank.