Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Survey of Highest Rate CDs, iBonds, TIPS and US Treasuries

From the Highest CD Rates Survey at forbestadvice.com, the best CD rate is 5.00% at Pentagon Federal Credit Union for a 7-year CD.

Below are some more rates and terms for the highest yield CDs

Today's US Treasury (T-Bond) Rates are:
  • 3-month treasury bill currently pays 2.31%
  • 6-month treasury bill currently pays 2.13%
  • 2-yr treasury note pays 1.96%
  • 5-yr treasury note pays 2.73%
  • 10-year treasury bond pays 3.68%
  • 30-year treasury bond pays 4.46%.
Compare that to my December 9th Survey that said:
  • The 3-month treasury bill currently pays 3.07%, the 5-yr treasury note pays 3.50%, the 10-year treasury bond pays 4.11% and the 30-year T-Bond pays 4.57%.

I-Bonds (iBonds) currently pay 4.28% (I-Bond Details)

TIPS or Treasury Inflation Protected Securities currently pay

  • 5-year TIPS 0.52%
  • 10-year TIPS 1.37%
  • 20-year TIPS 1.80%
  • 30-year TIPS 1.75%

(TIPS pay that yield plus the principal is adjusted according to the CPI inflation )

More terms and rates at Best CD Rates.

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