Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Guaranty Bank's 5%, 7-Month CD

Washington Mutual is offering 12 and 13 month, 5% CDs
From a reader in Glendale:
Ad in the LA Times today Sept. 16th.

Guaranty Bank, "offer only available for a limited time, and only by calling 800-444-5091"

FDIC member. $1,000 to open


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P.S. Also Times ad: 4.30% APY, First Federal Bank, 9 month term, "Auto Rate Bump CD Yield can only go up."

1-800-838-5460 or www.firstfedca.com
Thank-you GlendaleTuesday.com!

==> You can get a 5.35% CD at Wachovia Bank

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